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Yess!!Finally!!Thank you Pete!! So I guess I'll put them under a cut so you lazy people don't have to search

asked by emily on Mar 11 2006 7:14PM

How did you fell about someone hacking into your sitekick and stelling those pictures of your (cough)(cough)and putting on the internet?Why did you even take those pictures of your (cough)(cough)?

answered by peter on Mar 11 2006 7:28PM

i am having a hard time deciphering the question. not because of the coughs but it seems like spell check went insane on this one. i am not happy about someone hacking into my sidekick. as far as taking the pictures. i guess i am just a dirty boy- but the guy i was gonna send them to was super cute. wait what.

comment by moi: I knew it!All the time!yes!


asked by aly on Mar 11 2006 6:56PM

Which one is the group leader u or Patrick??? ppl are tellin me u and then they tell me Patrick!! please!! help me i realy want to see who is right!! thanxs <3 <3 <3 Aly

answered by pete on Mar 11 2006 7:30PM

well we're not a boy band or an army squadron so there really is no leader. we just hang out and are friends. the press always paints things in certain ways- i am the one on the internet alot but patrick writes all of the songs and sings them. hopefully, you like the band cause you like the band.


asked by veronica on Mar 11 2006 1:24PM

hey pete what did you give up for lent?or did you not give up anything? --veronica<33

answered by peter on Mar 11 2006 7:36PM

taking risque pictures.


asked by farrah on Mar 11 2006 10:08AM

what do you think of hilary duff and joel madden dating??

answered by peter on Mar 11 2006 7:38PM

joels a good guy. i dunno her at all. i try to reserve my opinions on other peoples lives because i know nothing about them. its not my bussiness. but if they are happy than thats awesome.


asked by |aura on Mar 13 2006 10:49PM

Heey , I am confused. I thought you wrote all of the songs?? Well i love the songs no matter what =D

answered by peter on Mar 14 2006 12:59AM

i write the lyrics. patrick writes the music. we are in love and live in a castle in the sky. our next door neighbors are carebears. grumpy bear has a baditude. but i still heart him. i hope your life is as magical as ours is.

comment by moi: I <33333 carebears


EDIT: BTW he wrote 2 new Journal entries on their HP.Just in case you don't know but want

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